Li-S Energy welcomes National Battery Strategy

“Li-S Energy is currently commissioning the largest battery pouch cell production line in Australia, driving the very change that the Federal Government is seeking to support with the new National Battery Strategy.

Li-S Energy CEO, Dr Lee Finniear gave the following statement:  

 “As CEO of one of Australia’s leading battery technology companies, I am excited to see the National Battery Strategy (NBS) launched today by the Prime Minister and Minister Husic.  

 The Strategy and the $523.2M Battery Breakthrough Fund provide a key foundation for a vibrant and successful Australian Battery Industry.  It stakes Australia’s claim on the world stage and makes a clear statement that the Future – Made in Australia vision of the Federal Government has focus and substance.  

The Strategy delivers much needed Government support and a framework to drive forward a sovereign capability in battery manufacturing that is competitive, sustainable, vertically integrated, and diverse. 

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For Li-S Energy, I am pleased to see that the Strategy includes clear support for advanced battery technologies, high energy density battery development and commercialisation, and specifically recognises the value of SMEs in the battery industry, targeting specific assistance for their commercialisation and growth. 

 The $1.7B Future Made in Australia Fund will also support building the large high precision automated production lines we need to further scale battery cell production, adding substantial value to Australia’s abundant lithium resources.   

 As we continue to scale our workforce and create more Australian jobs, finding engineering and scientific talent is a challenge.  I am pleased to see the $91M in support for the growth, training and retention of Australian scientific and engineering talent for the clean energy workforce.   

 Li-S Energy has been a successful recipient of a $5M Trailblazer funding in association with Deakin University, and is currently engaging with both the Industry Growth Fund and the National Reconstruction Fund on key development programs.   

 We congratulate Minister Husic and his team. With the support of the National Battery Strategy, Li-S Energy looks forward to playing a leading role in delivering Australian made batteries as part of the Government’s commitment to a Future – Made in Australia.” 

For more information, visit the Government’s National Battery Strategy website.