The future is electric.We’ll take you there.

Our revolutionary lithium sulfur batteries are lighter, cleaner and greener and deliver more than twice the energy density of lithium ion.


The world needs better batteries

The demand for batteries is forecast to increase 10x by 2030 with climate change driving the move to renewable energy and electric vehicles. To drive this growth, industry is demanding more energy dense, lighter, faster, environmentally friendly batteries.

At Li‑S Energy, we’re pioneering that change. Our new lithium sulfur and lithium metal batteries will power the world’s future energy needs.


Our technology

Lithium sulfur and lithium metal batteries have a much higher energy density than today’s lithium ion, but until now they have tended to fail quickly, making them unsuitable for most commercial applications.

There was something missing – and we made it our mission to find the answer.

Our breakthrough? We embed unique nanomaterials — Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs), and a new nano-composite we created called Li‑nanomesh™ — into the cells to enhance their strength, life cycle and performance.


Advantages of lithium sulfur

Greater capacity

More than twice the gravimetric energy density and improved volumetric energy density compared to Li-ion

Lighter weight

Meaning drones, electric planes and EVs can travel twice as far with the same weight

Cleaner & greener

No nickel, cobalt or manganese means reduced mining and disposal impacts

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