Li-S Energy awarded $1.35 million grant for “dawn to dusk” drone development and flight tests

Li-S Energy (ASX:LIS) is pleased to announce we have been awarded a grant of just over $1.35m from the Commonwealth Government as part of the Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships (EATP) program

The purpose of the grant is to enable the Company, in partnership with Australian companies V-TOL Aerospace and HaloCell, to develop a drone that integrates LIS’ next generation batteries and advanced solar cells that can be deployed from ‘dawn to dusk’ without landing or recharging.

Li-S Energy CEO Lee Finniear expressed his appreciation to the Commonwealth Government for their foresight in supporting this sovereign technology development, commenting:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Li-S Energy, working with our partners V-TOL Aerospace and HaloCell, to demonstrate how our advanced, lightweight lithium sulfur and lithium metal batteries can extend UAV flight times and mission capability. The collaboration is targeting the development of a family of surveillance drones powered by Li-S Energy batteries.”

V-TOL Aerospace Managing Director Mark Xavier commented:

“Winning this grant is a significant acknowledgement by Government that the work V-TOL, Li-S Energy and HaloCell are conducting is of national importance. This exciting opportunity, will enable our sovereign technology collaboration to design, develop & manufacture a family of world leading energy sustainable drones.”

A statement, released today by Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm, Assistant Minister for Regional Development can be found on his website: Federal funds to help emerging aviation technology take off | Ministers for the Department of Infrastructure.