Li-S Energy bolstered by Federal Government’s Trailblazer funding

Li-S Energy is excited to be a cornerstone partner in the Recycling and Renewable Energy Commercialisation Hub (REACH) at Deakin University, announced as part of the Federal Government’s Trailblazer University program.

Through the Hub, Li-S Energy will receive up to $5m in co-investment over the next four years, further strengthening the commercialisation of its technology. The co-investment will support its cutting-edge research and development, which builds on the significant work already undertaken and funded to date. In particular, these funds will contribute to ongoing work to scale up our unique lithium sulfurand lithium metal batteries, and commission a 2 megawatt hour battery production facility in Geelong. 

Established with the mission to provide universities with additional funding and capacity to focus on the problems that matter most to Australians, the Trailblazer program endeavours to  remove barriers to collaboration and commercialisation and encourage the conversion of research into marketable solutions. Partners of Trailblazer Universities then benefit from co-investment on certain research projects. 

Li-S Energy CEO, Dr. Lee Finniear, commented

“Li-S Energy is delighted to be a REACH partner with Deakin University, given the close alignment of our green energy goals for manufacturing, recycling and sovereign supply chains. 

This additional funding will support us in our mission to scale-up the development and production of our environmentally friendly, lightweight lithium sulfur batteries, targeting massive growth in electric aviation, drones and EVs. 

Being a cornerstone partner of the Deakin $380 million Trailblazer program with 20 other partners that are commercialising research within the end-to-end supply chain of clean energy and recycling will provide increased opportunities and synergies for the rapid adoption of our cutting-edge technology.” 

Deakin university media release 

This announcement has been made and authorised by the Li-S Energy Board. 

For further information contact: 

Lee Finniear
CEO of Li-S Energy Limited o07 3054 4500