What is BNNT?

The Game-Changing Nano-Material

Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) is an advanced nano-material with a number of unique properties. NASA has identified it as a key nano-material that may even help humans reach Mars.

Historically, BNNTs have been very difficult to make in high purities and high volume. Due to both cost and supply, BNNTs have traditionally been overlooked in new product development.

However, the barriers of BNNT price, purity and volume availability are now coming down. In 2020, BNNTTL successfully commissioned a BNNT production facility utilising Deakin’s patented BNNT manufacturing technology and know-how, and is now capable of delivering high purity BNNT, at high volumes and at a commercially viable cost.  

Li-S Energy has a supply agreement and distribution agreement with BNNTTL for the use of BNNTs in battery technology, with exclusive distribution rights to sell BNNTs to manufacturers for use in lithium-sulphur batteries.

The diagram below highlights some of the unique properties of BNNT that are critical to the performance of the Li-S Energy Battery.