About Li-S Energy

Driving Battery Innovation Through Leading Research and Development

Li-S Energy was created as the result of a joint venture between Li-S Energy’s founding Shareholders, PPK Group Limited (through its nominee subsidiary, PPK Aust), BNNT Technology Limited (BNNTTL) and Deakin University. Li-S Energy was registered on 12 July 2019 with the objective of developing a battery technology based on more advanced lithium-sulphur chemistry, where BNNTs and other nanomaterials are incorporated into battery components. The aim of this combination is to improve battery energy capacity and cycle stability when compared to current lithium-ion batteries and lithium-sulphur batteries, respectively.

Initial testing has shown that the lithium-sulphur batteries developed by Li-S Energy have substantially improved capacity, performance, stability and cycle life compared to conventional lithium-sulphur batteries without BNNTs.

Additional provisional patent applications have been lodged for the science behind this breakthrough, and the testing methodology and results have been validated by TMPR Consulting, a globally recognised expert team of battery specialists.

In achieving these results, Li-S Energy has had the benefit of BNNTTL’s technical skill and know-how in respect of the practical application of BNNTs, as well as Deakin University’s prior decade of research into the development of novel uses for BNNTs, and future battery technologies, including the patent for “Flexible Lithium-Sulfur Batteries”.

Li-S Energy has agreements in place with BNNTTL in relation to the supply of BNNTs, and the exclusive distribution of BNNTs to the battery industry for lithium-sulphur battery manufacturing.