Li-S Energy’s battery testing facility goes digital

“Australian battery technology company Li-S Energy (ASX: LIS) is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with U.S. software company Byterat ( to provide a customised data management and analytics package for the company’s new cell testing facility in Geelong."

Byterat is a cloud platform for battery research and manufacturing companies that lets them manage all their battery testing data in one place. The data analytics package will capture all battery cell cycling and materials quality control data in a centralised database for easy retrieval, sharing and analysis, with all  test data to be held securely in accordance with Byterat’s leading security measures.

The technology also opens the door to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse data to predict and improve cell performance.

Li-S Energy’s battery testing facility goes digital

Li-S Energy is a pioneer of Australia’s emerging domestic battery supply chain and is currently building a $10 million 2MWh production facility at Geelong in Victoria to increase the volume of batteries available for customer trials.

The facility, which is expected to open in November, will produce Li-S Energy’s GEN3 lithium sulphur battery cells that have been shown to have a 45% improvement in volumetric energy density,  meaning they are now the same size as existing Li-ion batteries — but half the weight.

Li-S Energy cells have a particular application in the drone and electric aviation (eAviation) markets, where the most energy-dense cells are projected to command 5-10 times the price of normal EV cells^.

To ensure the batteries produced at the new Geelong plant meet a range of performance and safety requirements, a new cell testing facility is being commissioned to allow tests to be carried out rapidly and effectively.

The Byterat platform will deliver advanced automated systems for real-time test data harvesting and production data integration, enabling AI-based performance analysis.

Li-S Energy CEO Lee Finniear said Byterat was an end-to-end battery research and engineering platform that would stop any data management bottlenecks as the company ramps up cell production.

“Byterat will directly integrate with our hardware and pull data into a single dashboard to allow us unparalleled insight into performance,” he said.

Byterat is a no-code data platform for battery engineers that lets you manage all your battery testing data in one place. The platform goes beyond simple data visualisation by offering built-in predictive analytics. This enables engineers to gain valuable insights into how each battery is expected to perform over time, enabling proactive decision-making and enhanced product planning.

By accurately predicting degradation in battery performance, Byterat helps optimise the performance and lifespan of batteries, a critical factor in the success of battery-powered devices.

The Byterat technology is part of a comprehensive set of testing equipment that also includes:

  • nail penetration and crush testing​
  • drop tester​
  • short circuit and overcharge tester​
  • temperature and high altitude chamber​
  • vibration tester​
  • advanced cell cyclers can simulate cell loadings in mission profiles as they would experience them in partner vehicles. ​

This suite of technology allows us to deliver a rapid and comprehensive in-house characterisation turn around, which leads to an extremely efficient continuous improvement methodology.

^Source IDTechEX Report: Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2021-2031