Li-S Energy shares tour of $10m Phase 3 battery production facility

“Li-S Energy is pleased to announce that the commissioning of the manufacturing equipment in its $10 million Phase 3 2MWh production facility is now well advanced. "

The facility, in Geelong Victoria, will allow the us to scale up manufacturing of our lithium sulfur and lithium metal batteries, to enable advanced cell performance testing and the delivery of test and trial cells to current and future partners.

In this 3-minute showcase Dr Lee Finniear, CEO of Li-S Energy, provides a tour of the production line showing key equipment in operation.

“Eighteen months ago we made a commitment to scale up our production capability.  As we advance the Phase 3 production line commissioning, I am delighted that we have met this substantial milestone on time and within budget”, said Dr Finniear.

“As the largest advanced pouch cell production line in Australia, in the largest battery dry room in Australia, the facility will scale our ability to produce high quality, commercial sized pouch cells by orders of magnitude, advance our cell performance testing, and be capable of providing thousands of test and trial cells to our current and future partners.”

We expect to provide further updates as commissioning continues, and to commence producing the first cells from the facility in the first quarter of 2024.