Why Invest in Li-S Energy Limited

Li-S Energy Limited (ASX: LIS) represents an opportunity to invest in advanced technology in the rechargeable battery market, a market that is growing rapidly and forecast to continue growing strongly over the foreseeable future.

Li-S Energy’s new lithium-sulphur battery is being developed in conjunction with Deakin University in response to demand for better, lighter, faster, more environmentally conscious batteries. The Li-S Energy Battery integrates Boron Nitride Nano-tube Technology to increase energy density and extend battery cycle life.

The Initial Public Offering follows Li-S Energy’s successful $20M capital raise in April 2021. The net proceeds from the Offer and the capital raise round will primarily be applied to funding the industrial scale-up of the new technology and to continue research and development.

Results are everything at Li-S Energy. The Li-S Energy Battery technology has been built and tested at the Institute for Frontier Materials at Deakin where the company has a fully equipped, purpose-built lab to make lithium-sulphur coin and pouch batteries. Testing has already shown that the lithium-sulphur batteries developed by Li-S Energy have substantially improved capacity, performance, stability and cycle life compared to conventional lithium-sulphur batteries without BNNTs. The results have been validated by TMPR Consulting, a globally recognised expert team of battery specialists.

Li-S Energy has now lodged two key provisional patents covering the innovative function of BNNT within the chemistry of the Li-S Energy Battery. The company set clear objectives with a defined strategy in place to drive battery innovation through leading research and development.

The Li-S Energy Battery has applications in range of key market sectors, from electric vehicles to consumer electronics and from aviation to defence. The demand from electric vehicles alone is forecast to grow more than five times by 2025, and more than 50 times by 2040.

Given the expected future demand, the search for new battery technology has gained pace and lithium-sulphur batteries are. emerging as a potential new battery technology. The advantages of lithium-sulphur battery technology compared to lithium-ion are greater energy capacity, lighter weight, lower component costs, faster charging and enhanced safety. Lithium-sulphur batteries are also more socially responsible, cleaner and greener.

The Prospectus contains detailed information concerning the Offer and can be accessed here.