ASX Announcements

    Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report  
    Market Update and Newsletter - July 2022  
    Company Secretary Appointments and Resignations  
    Change of Director's Interest Notice - Hedy Cray  
    LIS Bolstered by Federal Government's Trailblazer Funding  
    LIS - Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre  
    Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - Mar 2022 Qtr  
    Application for quotation of securities - LIS  
    Geelong Facility Expanded for 2 MWh Annual Production  
    Release of Shares from Escrow  
    Li-S Energy Newsletter March 2022  
    App 4D and Interim Financial Report Six Months 31 Dec 2021  
    Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - Dec 2021 Qtr  
    Li-S Energy Limited Newsletter  
    Li-S Energy collaborates with Boeing's Insitu Pacific  
    Results of Annual General Meeting  
    AGM - Chairman's Statement and CEO Presentation  
    Collaboration to Power Electric Trucks with Janus Electric  
    Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - Sep 21 Qtr  
    Appendix 4G - Key to Corporate Governance Disclosures  
    2021 Corporate Governance Statement  
    Annual Report to shareholders  
    Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  
    Becoming a substantial holder - PPK Aust. Pty Limited  
    Becoming a substantial holder - Deakin University  
    LIS Completes IPO to Commercialise Li-S Battery Technology  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - Anthony McDonald  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - Hedy Cray  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - Robin Levison  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - Benjamin Spincer  
    Date of Annual General Meeting and Director Nominations  
    Pre-quotation disclosure  
    Top 20 holders  
    Distribution schedule  
    Securities trading policy  
    Executive Rights Plan  
    NED Equity Plan  
    Updated pro-forma statement of financial position  
    30 June 2021 financial statements  
    31 December 2020 financial statements  
    30 June 2020 financial statements  
    Appendix 1A Information Form & Checklist  
    ASX Market Release - Admission & Quotation